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About Me



About Jen


  I began my journey in the healing arts in 1996, Learning many modalities. I started teaching Hatha yoga in 2005. A few years later I stepped into a life changing journey, training in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and Group Facilitation .Over the last three years I have been studying pre and peri natal psychology with Myrna Martin. I have been healing my own birth trauma and learning about secure attachment for infants and adults. The deep somatic experience of feeling whole comes from this.

I  lead classes, groups, retreats and private yoga therapy sessions.

I believe that the reconnection to our bodies and to nature is our best way to bring wholeness to our planet, ourselves, and each other. 

I live in North Vancouver, BC with my beautiful family .


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"I have been blessed to know Jen for many years and am in deep gratitude to have the ongoing opportunity to receive her sincere, open hearted and skilled offerings."        -Fran Alexander


I first experienced Phoenix rising yoga almost six years ago while going through a very challenging time both physically and emotionally. At the time I reached out to many disciplines and professionals for help. It was Jen who helped me the most, allowing me to confront my fears and hold space for the new growth that needed to take place and most of all to arrive at a place of self acceptance and Love. Thank you Jen"        -Trish Fizgarld

"As a yoga student of Jens for over 10 years, I have come to love and appreciate her gentle way of being. I was aware of her Phoenix Rising training and requested a session with her last year. I had found myself facing one of life’s many challenges and as a result began to experience anxiety. Jen was able to skillfully and ever so gently help me face my fears and understand the importance of self care. It has been a long year of learning, but my session with Jen is still fresh in my memory. She was kind and caring in leading me through the process. Perhaps we should all take the time once in a while to explore a little deeper. It's amazing what you find."        -Donna Kurtz

Words from Women's retreats

“...uncover the treasures that lie hidden by many years of self doubtand criticism – a wonderful way to get unstuck and make friends with yourself and the other women in the process. I came away with new eyes to see the beauty inherent in letting go of the struggle......thank you Jen.”      -Susan Drouin


"For me, Jen's women's retreat was amazing. I arrived at Bowen in a less than ideal state; exhausted, burned-out, and empty. The retreat left me energized, inspired, grounded, and very hopeful about the future. Jen is a source of incredible spiritual comfort and empowerment. Her enlightened and gentle guidance led all of us to a closer connection with ourselves, with each other, and with the divine. Whether you need healing, or just want to reconnect with your own inner knowing, Jen's women's retreat is a gift you can give yourself!"      - April Ruttle


“Jen has a gentle, caring and holistic approach. With exercises for the body, mind and spirit, she creates an atmosphere where you can connect to yourself, each other and your surroundings in a softer and more open way. I came to the retreat in the hope that the yoga would make my body more flexible and left with the bonus of a softer more flexible mind. Thank you to Jen and to  the other wonderful woman who contributed to the retreat.”      - Liselotte Carlsen