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Yoga Therapy

What is Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy?


Return to the Wild Intelligence of the Body.

Will you hold another who has been touched by the darkness within? Will you love them enough to allow them to fall apart in your arms? To unravel, to become unglued, and to feel unbearably lost as the wisdom of their process unfolds? Will you be the space in which they can finally meet the feelings and emotions that have been kept at bay for a lifetime?

To love another in this way you must touch everything that is unresolved within you – all of your own unmet sadness, abandoned shame, discarded grief, and deserted aloneness. You are willing to no longer stay safe on the sidelines. You are willing to get messy. Even gooey and drippy.

Will you set aside your need for the other to change, to be different, to be “cured,” to be transformed, and to be healed? Will you resist the temptation to talk them out of their embodied experience, to tell them everything will be okay, and to dishonor the creativity hidden inside the unwanted? Will you allow your heart to break with them, and endure the urge inside you to put it all back together again? Will you fall into the unknown with them, holding them close, and provide a home for their brokenness?

To care about others, yourself, and the world in this way you must stay radically embodied. You are no longer interested in transcending suffering, confusion, and neurosis, for you see these as thundering expressions of the path itself. Please don’t turn away. As your attention moves out into the conceptual world, return to the wild intelligence of your body, for it is there that love is working behind the scenes, giving birth to its sweet activity in this dimension.

By Matt Licata

PRYT was founded in 1986 by Michael Lee, MA .

PRYT combines restorative yoga postures, loving touch, loving presence, and dialogue in compassionately held environment.

In the deep belief that our bodies hold our journeys and our wisdom, PRYT creates a held space where the client can explore thoughts, feelings, sensations, and body memories as they begin to see the connections in the patterns and scenarios in their lives. The practitioner acts as a mirror or inner witness. PRYT is an empowering experience in which you may find that your body is full of information and immense wisdom.

Body centered, heart centered, in the Now. 

How is it performed?

PRYT is performed on a large futon, with supportive cushions and bolsters. The client may sit on a chair if that is more comfortable for them. 

PRYT Helps with:  All issues that stem from not listening to the quiet voice of the soul..and the often tuned out voice of the body.

.  connecting to your felt sense

.  Life changes

. Processing events and emotions

. Spiritual connection

. Self-mentoring and Empowerment 


Who benefits?

Anyone can benefit from PRYT! It can be an experience of deep relaxation to have someone else move your body for you. Or a profound awakening to some truth that's just under the surface waiting to be heard. In the case of Cronic pain , or any discomfort in the body ,there often is a story connecting the pain we feel in our body to other areas of our lives ,that once seen, can then shift. 

Imagine having a loving witness beside you as you explore what’s happening in your shoulder, hip, heart….or how that memory of a time long ago seems to have something to do with a reoccurring migraine. Our bodies will keep bringing back what isn’t resolved or processed. Traumas both big and small are actually our greatest teachers once we learn to listen.

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